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Mechanical parts

Sheet metal work

Sheet metal work

We offer a wide range of technologies, in the most current types of material, using state-of-the-art, efficient machines such as CNC-controlled laser cutters and folding machines, welding robots, etc.
If asked, we give technical advice from the initial design phase onwards to establish the best suited technique and finishing according to your needs and wishes. Such from prototyping to small and medium-scale series. From welded structures over housings and precision sheet-metal work to simple flat and folded parts. The corresponding finishing works such as polishing, galvanising, anodising, wet and powder lacquering, silkscreen or pad printing, etc. are absolutely no problem to us.
Turning and milling works

Turning and milling works

With a combination of CNC-controlled and conventional turning lathes and milling machines, we can cope with both small and large-scale series. Such in all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and plastics.
Our machinery, according to state-of-the-art technologies, is perfectly suited for creating very rapidly prototypes and small series. With our heavier machinery with integrated tool case on the other, we can produce more complex parts in medium- to large-scale series at competitive prices.
On our milling machines, we can also process standard housings supplied by you, both in metal and plastic, as well as extruded or standard sections, which we can also pre-saw.
The quality is permanently monitored according to our standard measuring procedure.
The versatility of our machinery and our well-trained employees are our most important assets.
Punch and deep drawing

Punch and deep drawing

These parts can only achieve the required quality and accuracy because they are produced using specifically manufactured moulds or folding tools.
The presses are featured by a high production speed with automatic conveyor belt supply.
The high force of impact also ensures that bulky products or thicker material are no problem either.
For smaller series we also have a number of presses available with different blanking forces. Presses that can be deployed rapidly and have short conversion times.
The moulds for these machines are made to size in our own tool shop.
Gear Wheels

Gear Wheels

We are specialized in the production of accurate, customer-specific gears. Please contact us for your specific need, because we also have the possibility to use different materials (metals, plastics) for your gears.
Synthetic housings and parts

Synthetic housings and parts

These products are made of synthetic sheet material.
As no mould is being used, customers do not face high tooling costs and start-up costs are limited.
The design can be fully adjusted to the customer’s aesthetic and functional requirements.
This technique is ideal for smaller and medium-scale series.
Lacquering, silkscreen printing, fitting an inner EMI shielding, etc. can also be done internally.
Other benefits of this technique:
• No prior investments
• Own design + 1st prototype within 2 to 3 weeks
• Considerable gain of time
• Low adjustment costs upon later changes
• The product offer can be easily expanded

Cematec is exclusive distributor for the Benelux for Revoluplast.
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Industrial casting

Industrial casting

In consultation with our customers, we give advice in the field of casting and moulding technology.
Depending on the customer's wishes, a/o technical specifications, size of series, choice of material, shape and field of application of product, a certain mould is selected.
This can be both an ingot and high-pressure mould.
All these moulds are manufactured and maintained by our own members of staff.
Next to casting, we can offer a comprehensive range of finishing options. This way, we can offer a completely finished product.
The used materials are mainly Zamak and various alloys of aluminium.
The final inspection can be done according to the customer’s specific quality demands.
Membrane and rubber keyboards

Membrane and rubber keyboards

Membrane keyboard or foils are very user-friendly, flexible, reliable and durable. They are also dust- and waterproof and resistant to chemical influences.
Depending on the application, they can be made from polycarbonate or polyester.
We can also offer complete solutions for rubber keypads or parts in rubber according to your specifications.
Rubber keypads are used in many applications because of their good tactile response and because they are water- and dustproof and can be given a beautiful aesthetic finishing by way of laser etching or silkscreen printing, with or without extra protective, transparent top layer.
Both membrane and rubber keyboards are used today in the most diverse industries.
Often, they must observe very strict hygiene requirements or they are subjected to extreme environmental conditions.
We supply the proper keyboard for every application.
Logistic and engineering support

Logistic and engineering support


• Experienced engineering team
• Support during pre- or re-engineering
• Advice on the selection of the best possible production techniques
• Best cost/quality solution
• CAD drawing services: AUTOCAD, SOLID WORKS ....
• Management of Bills Of Materials (BOM)
• Purchasing of specific parts
• Warehouse management
• Management of buffer stock
• Just-in-time deliveries
• Kitting of materials
• Worldwide import of materials (sea/air)