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Composantes électroniques

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Fans & Blowers

Fans & Blowers

Delta has gained industry recognition by continuously offering innovative, quality brushless DC air cooling products.
A combination of distinctive patented blade design, innovative structure design, and "Sensflow" control not only greatly increases cooling performance but also reduces system noise.

Optional features :
- PWM / Speed control                                        - Ultra low noise models
- Hot swappable                                                  - High/Low Temp (-40/+90°C)
- Redundancy                                                       - Rotation Detection 
- Temp. sensor control                                       - Tacho output
- Ingress protection : IP55, ...                             - Special wires/connectors
- Improved balancing (low vibration)                - ...
Delta is a ISO/TS-16949 accredited and ISO-9001 certified manufacturer. We implement strict reliability tests in the design stage and have put into place Statistical Process Controls at each production process. All products are worldwide approved.


We having the most professional technical expertise in Transformers based on several years experience in product design manufacturing. Expertise and test capability in Electoral-Magnetic compatibility and international safeties, we are to able to help you design products which fully meet EMI and safety requirement. Our product range includes Switching Power Transformers, Line Filters, DC-DC Converter transformers, Ignition coils and Igniters, and Planar Transformers.
Telecom Components

Telecom Components

We can offer you a complete selection of magnetic products for telecom applications including CO splitters, CPE splitters and in-line filters.

- xDSL Transformers
- Common Mode Chokes
Networking Components

Networking Components

Our range of networking components includes filters for Ethernet, 10Base-T Ethernet, 10/100 Switching Hub, Token Ring, ATM, and Gigabit Ethernet. Also available are Ethernet DC/DC converters, Ethernet (AUI) Isolation Transformers, PCMCIA filtered modules and the space saving RJ45 10/100Base-Tx filtered connectors.

Discrete LAN Transformers
- 10/100 Base-T
- 10/100/1000 Base-T
- 10G Base-T

RJ-45 Integrated Connector Module
- 10/100 Base-T
- 10/100/1000 Base-T

RJ-45 Module Jack Integrated USB
- 10/100 Base-T
- 10/100/1000 Base-T
Fiber Optical Transceivers

Fiber Optical Transceivers

Established in 1998, Delta Broad band Module Business Unit provided Optical Transceiver products to the market since 2000. With strong research & development capabilities, we design and manufacture a variety of transceiver module with data rate ranging from 100Mbps to 10Gbps. The target applications include FTTH (GPON, GEPON, Point to Point), Base Station (3G SFP CPRI/ 6G SFP+ CPRI), Fiber channel (4G SFP/ 8G SFP+) and Ethernet systems (from 100Mbps to 10Gbps with different form factor / SFF, SFP, XFP and SFP+).

Delta also provide the BOSA solution and future interconnection products as AOC (Active Optical Cable) and 10G Copper SFP.

Delta state-of-the-art manufacturing facility achieves TL9000, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. Our in-house automation team provides solutions for various processes including SMT and laser welding, which are critical to a cost-effective manufacturing and quick volume ramp-up. This keeps Delta a highly competitive transceiver supplier in the world.

EMI Filters

EMI Filters

Delta, world class leading manufacturer of EMI filter products has 27 years experience into design and production of high quality, 1phase & 3phase EMI filters.

Delta have flexible engineering and supporting groups that enable us to provide solutions to our customer's problems. With our own local international recognized test facilities such as shielding rooms and anechoic chamber, test of customers equipment for compliance to EMC standards, for total EMC compatibility can be done and certified right way.
Our technical expertise is demonstrated by over 1000 standard part numbers that are approved with UL, CSA and VDE.

Applications : test instruments, networking equipment, medical equipment, PC, copy machines, AC motor drives, electric and electronic equipment that requires shielding.


  • IEC Inlet Filters (up to 20A)
  • IEC Inlet PC Board Mounting Filters
  • Power Entry Module Filters
  • General Purpose One-Stage & Two-Stage Filters
  • Medical Filters 
  • Three-Phase Filters (up to 600A/520VAC)
  • EMI Suppression Chokes
  • Chassis mounting filters (up to 60A)
  • Custom made specials (open PCB, ...)

Power Supplies

Power Supplies

Our products are modular, redundant, hot swappable, and provide universal input power systems for high reliability. We offers custom design and high volume manufacturing capability of power supplies for PCs, servers, workstations, networking, peripherals and office equipment.

  • AC/DC adapters
  • Low cost AC/DC
  • DC/DC converters
  • DC/AC inverters
  • Battery chargers
  • Industrial Power Supplies
  • Medical Power Supplies
  • Telecom Power Supplies
  • Custom Power Supplies
  • Automation Power Supplies

DC/DC Converters

DC/DC Converters

Cematec offers a complete range of DC/DC products ranging from 1W to 700W, covering all the popular industry standard sizes and footprints.

Using high switching frequency, hybrid circuit, chip-on-board and surface mounting technologies, these DC-DC converters provide high power density, a low profile and high efficiency. 
Accurate current sharing and fixed frequency synchronization of DC-DC converters allows reliable parallel operation for easy expansion. 
The product line covers commercial, industrial and military grade applications. 


  • Isolated DC/DC Converters :

- Sixteenth Brick-25A, DOSA compliant
- Eighth Brick-40A 
- Quarter Brick-60A 
- Half-Brick-80A 
- Bus Converter-38A 
- 1"x1" Converters
- 2"x1" Converters
- Full Brick Converters

  • Non-isolated DC/DC Converters :     

- POLs and µPOLs
- Delphi series of Point-of-Load (POLs)
- IPM solutions
- NV solutions